Well we are on the road! We got to stop and visit my family, & some great friends! It has helped to break up the trip! Only 5 days left!!! We can't wait! Tomorrow we head out for the rest of the drive, then we wait for the call that they have landed! We will be sitting around, so give me a call, so I don't go insane!!! I will have a lot of pictures to show once I get back to families where I left my camera cord! So keep checking!
(By the way we are all alive, no one has been left on the side of the road, so I think we are doing good so far!)

Wedding in Texas

Here are more pictures from TX! These are at the wedding, while we waited for all the pictures to be taken. The temple grounds are beautiful!

Tara, me, Grandpa Ashbocker, Kayla, & Mandy all giving Grandpa some love!

Me on a bench by the temple! I could swing my feet, it was fun!

(I know I am so short)

Me again by a beautiful tree with big white flowers!

Kayla, Marie & Me by a fountain in front of the temple.

We had a great time! It was fun having another girls trip!

Another site to check out!

One of my good friends has started making and selling cards. I have added a link on the right with my other links to great sites to check out!

Know who this is????

Franki Muniz!
He was on my flight home from Phoenix to SLC! He sat three seats in front of me. Just thought I would share! The following link tells you more about him and what he has been in. My kids love some of his movies, so I have seen them a lot!

My trip!

I am home now and thinking I really enjoyed the 90+ temperatures! It was hot when I was there, but this wind is freezing me! Anyway! I am glad to be home with my babies! I really missed them! The break away was very nice though. So here are a few pictures, more to come! Me at the River Walk in San Antonio by one of the waterfalls
This is a mosaic tile wonder! It was a combined effort by 7 different countries who all worked together and donated the tiles from around the world! It is huge! And very detailed.

An Aztec head sculpture above a Aztec restaurant on the River

Anyone recognize this stage??? Think movie about a beauty pageant!

How about now??? It is the stage from the movie Miss Congeniality where she jumped into the water , I don't remember why!

Some restaurants on the river

Another tile mosaic
A 200+ year old tree inside the Alamo, It was there when the Alamo was fought. It is amazing!

The front of the Alamo!

The monument outside the Alamo in honor of all that died in the war.

I will post more pictures when I can! But it was a fun trip! Thanks to Uncle Don & Aunt Peggy!

Havin' fun!

I am having a great vacation! I miss my kids though. A few more days then I will have a ton of pictures to share! I hope that everyone had a great mothers day!

Dance baby dance!

The girls have been working hard at learning their dances, and they did great! It was so fun, and funny watching the 2 year old class! Bekah is the youngest by about 6 months! And she did really good, until someone else distracted her! It was funny!
Bekah looking cute!

Gracie did awesome! She didn't forget anything and stayed right on!

Rockin' out in her gold costume!
Bekah with Grandma after she was done dancing!

Gracie after the recital!
They both did so good! I can't wait to get the DVD I ordered of the recital!!!

Catching up!!!

Okay so here are a ton of photos! The kids & I, taken at my birthday party back in March!
Kayla, the Graduate, with Fiance Mike

Jake in the pool the night after graduation
Gracie & Auntie Kayla in the pool

Me, in the pool

All of us at Cabela's in Utah

Kayla, Mike, Gracie, & Jake

Kayla & Mike

The whole fam! (Minus a few)


Thanks to some great friends, I am DONE!!! No more cleaning, packing, loading, nothing!!!I get to enjoy life again! I think I will take the kids to a movie tonight! We all need some fun!