My trip!

I am home now and thinking I really enjoyed the 90+ temperatures! It was hot when I was there, but this wind is freezing me! Anyway! I am glad to be home with my babies! I really missed them! The break away was very nice though. So here are a few pictures, more to come! Me at the River Walk in San Antonio by one of the waterfalls
This is a mosaic tile wonder! It was a combined effort by 7 different countries who all worked together and donated the tiles from around the world! It is huge! And very detailed.

An Aztec head sculpture above a Aztec restaurant on the River

Anyone recognize this stage??? Think movie about a beauty pageant!

How about now??? It is the stage from the movie Miss Congeniality where she jumped into the water , I don't remember why!

Some restaurants on the river

Another tile mosaic
A 200+ year old tree inside the Alamo, It was there when the Alamo was fought. It is amazing!

The front of the Alamo!

The monument outside the Alamo in honor of all that died in the war.

I will post more pictures when I can! But it was a fun trip! Thanks to Uncle Don & Aunt Peggy!

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