'Normal' Life?!?!

Many of you have 'normal' husbands who get to be home every night, every weekend,(or most anyway) and is around for most holidays and birthdays, not I, until now! Things are going to be 'normal' for us for the next 3 years, for the first time in 12 years of marriage and 10 years in the Army. We get to make plans, invite missionaries over for dinner, you name it, and we won't have to cancel right before because he has to leave for work! SO CRAZY!!! We are really loving it so far! We have family dinner, Daddy gets to take Jake to football and go to every game, could life get any better? I think not! So on the right you will see my new life theme 'Just another day in paradise'. I am feeling very blessed for this new time in our lives. I know, it won't last long, we are in the Army after all! But to have this opportunity, is so great! After living apart for 2 years this is the best thing ever! And the location isn't half bad. I have missed my many friends and family back home, or close to home. You are all welcome to come visit, but not all at once! And I look forward to all the new people we will get to meet. The Lord blesses us in many ways, even though we may not like them at that moment. I am grateful for his hand in my life.

First day of school! & pictures of house, again!

So today is the first day of school! I can't believe I have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader! Crazy! They were a little nervous, but overall pretty happy to go. More nervous about missing the bus I think, so we were out there early. But whatever makes them more okay with the day!

My cute kids!


Waiting for the bus!

This is a picture of the front of my house! I finally remembered to take one while I was outside waiting for the bus with the kids!

My kitchen full of stuff, not very exciting!

My dining room all together.

And that is all I got! I think Bekah & I will make cookies or something, along with unpacking more! such is my life!

First football game of the season!

Today was the first football game. Well it was a scrimmage, but fun anyway. They also had pictures, so it was busy! Here are a few pictures of the hot day!

Here is every one relaxing waiting for Jake's game.

Bekah being cute!

Jake & Gracie

My cute kids!

Jake posing

Jake waiting with his team for pictures

Gracie in her cute cheer leader uniform

My cute girl!

Jake playin'

Jake playin' can you tell which one he is?!?! Me either! But he is out there!

Grace cheering

Grace cheering

Jake is number 25, waiting for his turn.

So it was a busy, fun day! Their league plays every Saturday, so we will be busy for a while! We have discovered that they take football very seriously here in the south, at a very young age. So it will be fun to learn everything here, I think.

House, some of it anyway, with furniture!

Okay, so here are some pictures of part of the house unpacked. Remember I am still unpacking!

Living room from the front door.Here you can see our new TV & stand.
New Love seat with table and lamp & storage ottoman.

the new couch & ottoman. On the left you can see my new awesome globe on the bookshelf.

My new bedroom set!

My new dresser with my exercise bike I got last Christmas!

My very full closet, full of happy clothes!

So, we are still getting everything figured out in the kids rooms, and they were a mess from playing in them so I will take pictures soon. And I will someday soon remember to take a picture of the outside of the house!

Fun in the Sun!

Boy have we been busy! Moving in, trying to unpack, going to the beach, starting football, starting cheer leading, going to the water park, more unpacking, cleaning....... Our home is starting to look like a house, not a moving storage place. I will post pictures of it soon. OH, I ordered our 'we've moved' cards, they should be here soon, so watch the mail next week! The kids start school next Monday! They are ready. They need their own things to do and their own friends! It will make things nicer at home. Dustin has to return to work also, so I will have lots of time to unpack and find things!

Grace at water park
Bekah & Grace
Playin' on the pirate ship
Bekah & Grace exploring the sub!
Jake coming down a big water slide
Bekah playin' in the waves
The kids playin' at the beach
Jake after a long practice!

Pictures on the Beach

We went to the beach and took some pictures today!
Dustin & I



All of us Rolfe's
They turned out cute for our own thing!
I just ordered our change of address cards, so make sure I have your address!!!

Pictures! House & beach!

I know, about time! I finally have some pictures of the house before we unpacked anything, and the beach!

Sunset on our way home from the beach!

The beach where we like to swim

Sand dunes where we swim

Bekah playin in the sand!

Playing in the waves

water fun

Gracie playin with sand and water

Jake havin fun riding the waves

Master bathroom

Master bathroom

My closet!!! Loving it!!!

Master bedroom

2nd bathroom

Jake's bedroom

Girls bedroom

My kitchen

Entry way

Living room from front door

Dining area

I need to take a picture of the outside of the house and new pictures with all our furniture unloaded! So stay tuned for more!
You are all welcome to come visit! I will show you one of the best beaches in the USA!!!