Fun in the Sun!

Boy have we been busy! Moving in, trying to unpack, going to the beach, starting football, starting cheer leading, going to the water park, more unpacking, cleaning....... Our home is starting to look like a house, not a moving storage place. I will post pictures of it soon. OH, I ordered our 'we've moved' cards, they should be here soon, so watch the mail next week! The kids start school next Monday! They are ready. They need their own things to do and their own friends! It will make things nicer at home. Dustin has to return to work also, so I will have lots of time to unpack and find things!

Grace at water park
Bekah & Grace
Playin' on the pirate ship
Bekah & Grace exploring the sub!
Jake coming down a big water slide
Bekah playin' in the waves
The kids playin' at the beach
Jake after a long practice!


Emily said...

Fun! I'm jealous! i really like your new profile picture. :)

Danielle said...

Way fun water park! And it is outdoors :o) I am so jealous of your sunshine and beaches.