First football game of the season!

Today was the first football game. Well it was a scrimmage, but fun anyway. They also had pictures, so it was busy! Here are a few pictures of the hot day!

Here is every one relaxing waiting for Jake's game.

Bekah being cute!

Jake & Gracie

My cute kids!

Jake posing

Jake waiting with his team for pictures

Gracie in her cute cheer leader uniform

My cute girl!

Jake playin'

Jake playin' can you tell which one he is?!?! Me either! But he is out there!

Grace cheering

Grace cheering

Jake is number 25, waiting for his turn.

So it was a busy, fun day! Their league plays every Saturday, so we will be busy for a while! We have discovered that they take football very seriously here in the south, at a very young age. So it will be fun to learn everything here, I think.

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