'Normal' Life?!?!

Many of you have 'normal' husbands who get to be home every night, every weekend,(or most anyway) and is around for most holidays and birthdays, not I, until now! Things are going to be 'normal' for us for the next 3 years, for the first time in 12 years of marriage and 10 years in the Army. We get to make plans, invite missionaries over for dinner, you name it, and we won't have to cancel right before because he has to leave for work! SO CRAZY!!! We are really loving it so far! We have family dinner, Daddy gets to take Jake to football and go to every game, could life get any better? I think not! So on the right you will see my new life theme 'Just another day in paradise'. I am feeling very blessed for this new time in our lives. I know, it won't last long, we are in the Army after all! But to have this opportunity, is so great! After living apart for 2 years this is the best thing ever! And the location isn't half bad. I have missed my many friends and family back home, or close to home. You are all welcome to come visit, but not all at once! And I look forward to all the new people we will get to meet. The Lord blesses us in many ways, even though we may not like them at that moment. I am grateful for his hand in my life.

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Andrea said...

Sweet! I am so happy you get to spend more time with Dustin. Florida sounds fun. Congratulations on making it to "normal" status after your hardship of having him away!