Catching up!

Well this week has been very uneventful, as I have been sick. So now it is catch up time! On everything! I hate falling behind! Here are the latest pictures! Enjoy!

The girls new bunk bed, all put together!

Gracie cheering at Jake's game.

Jake playing, he is #25, right in front of 11, you can see his 5

Bekah havin' fun at the game!

Jacob found a hermit crab in a great shell at the beach, we had fun watching him for a while, but we left him there so he could live! In the above picture he is covered in sand; below you can see him hiding in his shell. His legs are sticking out a little.

Dustin & the kids building a fort

The sun was starting to lower in the sky

my 'Foot prints' in the sand

If you look close you can see a black fin in the middle of this picture, when we got to the beach we saw 3 dolphins swimming around, this was the best picture I could get from the beach. They stuck around and every now and then would swim by, it was cool.

I took Bekah to a really fun little park/ Splash park in town. She had lots of fun, and it was really nice.

We had a great time, and she keeps asking if we can go to the water park! So we will try to go again soon, when we are healthy!
I also added a new slide show with more pictures! Check it out! And leave a note, I love seeing who 'stops' by!

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Andrea said...

What a cute house - and it looks immaculate! I can't believe how big your kids are already. It's just crazy. We will have to stop by on our way to cruise in the Bahamas. :-)