Turrrtle Turrrtle Turrrtle

Can any of you name the movie my title is from???
Things have been busy, when aren't they? We decided to get a few Kayaks so we had something fun do do in the water. Mainly Dustin wanted to be able to go out and fish, so for an early birthday present we got Kayaks. They are really fun. Although we have only got to go 2 times! While we where at the bay playing in the sand while Dustin fished, Bekah got tired of sitting in the kayaks, we saw this really cool bird! The kids also found a quick sand spot! They loved going in it and sinking to there mid calf's. Bekah was so funny! Getting the kayaks ready to go out in the bay, Dustin's kayak
My kayak, I get the double/triple seater so we can all go!

Dustin, Grace & Bekah out in the bay

Me, Jake & Bekah (Bekah couldn't decide who she wanted to ride with!)

Dustin going out alone to fish while we played in the sand

Dustin out fishing

My cute girls!

My cute son!
Boy, my kids are so cute!

Playing near the bird and quick sand

The cool, huge bird that joined us at the beach

The bird

Look how big his feet are! That is my foot print next to his, I wear am 8 1/2!

Can you see the huge frog we saw in our yard when we were going out to see the turtle?

Our backyard turtle! I finally got to see him!

He came back yesterday, but as I was going out to take more pictures, I ran into our backyard snake, so I ran back inside and didn't get anymore, but I have seen him twice now! He seems to cross the yard every morning, then head back across a little later!
I have been teaching art this week. I got to teach Grace's class of first graders yesterday, they did really great. It was fun. Today I get to teach Jacob's class of 3rd graders! We shall see how that goes! I might also need to teach another 3rd grade class, none of their parents have volunteered to teach them, so sad! So, as always I am busy and off to run wild! Speaking of running, I finished one mile club card, which means I ran 5 miles in the last 2 weeks. So I got a necklace with a foot (they call them toe) token. Each time you finish a card, or 5 miles you get a token. The kids thought it was so cool that their mom got one already! (What they didn't think about is that I go to mile club twice every Thursday, so I do a lot more running than most parents!) I still haven't figured out why they want me there, they don't run with me, just wave as they pass. But oh well, it is helping to get my butt in shape!!!
Anyway, off to run...crazy that is...

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