To bow or not to bow? That is the question.

Well, one of them anyway! I have been thinking about making and selling bows. There are not a lot around here, so I think I could do good. But should I? I may make up an outline with pictures and take it around and see if I get any interest, we shall see.
ALSO, I have been thinking about making beaded watch bands and selling them?!?! I have been making a bunch and think it would be fun, but no one here has any, so would they be a hit??? I may do the same with the bows and see what happens. We shall see!
If any of you want either of these, I will do custom orders. I need to take some pictures of mine and post them! I have been having so much fun beading! And Bowing!

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Christine said...

I think that is a great idea, Eleanor! Your bows are way cute and you have quite a variety from really big to small and simple, which will attract many people. Go for it!