Movie Review

Okay, this is so crazy! I never thought that I would love this movie, but I do!!! Since I have been recovering I have been watching some movies, I just watched Hairspray, with Nikki Blonsky(who is great!), John Travolta (whom I have always liked, but love now!), and many other great up and comings! It is such a great movie! It looks at old problems with a new light! It is fun, funny!(go John!), and a great feel good movie. I love the way they stand up for what they believe is right, and they aren't afraid to love! It was great! I know, am I crazy! But it is a great movie, that is being added to my Christmas list! Share your new or old favorites, I'll give them a try too!

Check out a link below! Under the pictures!

Wow! Summer's Over?!

Wow! I can't believe summer is over! My kids started school today! I know have a 2nd grader and a kindergartner! They grow so fast! Well the last month has been busy. The kids both really enjoyed soccer, neither team won a lot, but they had fun! And Jacob is now into the football season. He is playing flag football again. They have started practice and have their first game in a couple of weeks. Gracie gets to start dance again. She is so excited! I just had sinus surgery! Fun I know! I am doing great, recovering faster than I expected. My wonderful mom came over to take care of all of us, while I couldn't! That's been my fun for the month! And that is about all that has happened. More is coming I am sure!