Movie Review

Okay, this is so crazy! I never thought that I would love this movie, but I do!!! Since I have been recovering I have been watching some movies, I just watched Hairspray, with Nikki Blonsky(who is great!), John Travolta (whom I have always liked, but love now!), and many other great up and comings! It is such a great movie! It looks at old problems with a new light! It is fun, funny!(go John!), and a great feel good movie. I love the way they stand up for what they believe is right, and they aren't afraid to love! It was great! I know, am I crazy! But it is a great movie, that is being added to my Christmas list! Share your new or old favorites, I'll give them a try too!

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Dawn Dart said...

Hairspray is one of our favorite movies too. Alexis dances through the whole thing.

Andrea said...

Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog! I am glad to hear from you. Recovery seems to be going well and wow, how is sinus surgery? Were you awake or did they put you under? Whatever the problem was, it must be great relief to have it over...I despise sinus infections. Hairspray is such a classic but Travolta was awesome in the movie! Have you seen Mama Mia!? I enjoyed it but some of the LDS women I recently spoke with about it were a little upset because there was a naked old man butt in the movie. I say bah! It is not like it was anything sexual for me. I found the movie hi-lar-i-ous.