Where have you gone???

As I was checking to see who has been updating there blogs I have noticed that several of my dear friends have not in a long time- talking a year or two. Sad times. I miss hearing, and seeing all that is going on with you and your families. I know several of you are on Facebook, and so you don't blog any more, which is fine, we each have are own ways of doing things. But oh how I miss you. I enjoy my facebook time, but find it not as nice a place to really share much, and the way they keep changing things makes it even harder to really know what is going on with everyone. And even less secure a place to put pictures.

I also miss hearing back from many of you. I know I don't always post comments to everyone, and the same is said for all. But I do love hearing back from everyone.

On a happy note, I am SOOO glad to have found a few old friends blogs! And some new blogs started by friends and family as well. It is nice to catch up with you.

I am so thankful for the many ways we can all stay in touch despite the long distances between us. And for all you great family and friends with whom I want to stay in touch with!

Fear Factor Party!!!

For Jacob's 10th Birthday we decided to do this fun party idea I had found for
a Fear Factor Party! It turned out great!!!

This is the front of the invite I made.
For part of the Physical challenge the boys had to stack these crates on to a dolly and race around 4 points...

They had to shoot 3 baskets, with a semi-flat soccer ball,
and they had to throw tennis balls at cans and knock down 5 cans. It was all harder then it looked!
But they had fun! And did great!
This is the gross food eating part! I love Jake's friends face!
They had canned spinach, pickled okra on some,
Capers on some, and fried crickets, (yes, real fried crickets), and fried larva worms,(yes, real fried larva's).
So the post I got this idea from said that some of the boys would eat the bugs, but not the veggies, I didn't think it was real, but sure enough! It was sooo funny!

Here is a cricket, Jake is about to eat!

Eating the cricket!
He did great! He was the only boy to eat everything!
The other boys, after a little egging, ate the worms and crickets, but not the veggies!
They wouldn't touch them!
Jake said the spinach was the worst part of it all!

Next they had to get the plastic bugs out of the jello with their mouths!
They thought it was great!

Then they had to transfer half a cup of oil from one cup to another with their mouths.
Last they had to dig spiders out of a mixture of noddles and other gross stuff.
They were all great sports and did great!
It was a fun time!

Here is Jake with his buddies enjoying icee's.

A friend made up these t-shirts for me.
Each boy got one as their gift. This is the front.

And the back.

As you can see, we had a blast!

Our week of FUN!!!

We started the week with Valentine's Day, and our 'pink' meals.
On Thursday Jacob turned 10! CRAZY I know! We had a family dinner and cake for him.

 This is the cake I made Jake, nothing fancy.
Jake getting ready to blow out the candles!

On Friday we went on a walk on a new beach Dustin had found while looking for places to run on base.
Her is Bekah sitting on the beach.

The Sea Oats were amazing! 7 to 8 feet tall!
Did I mention it has been in the high 60's low 70's this past week?
No, well it has been wonderful outside!

Grace by the Sea Oats

Walking up the path, see how the Sea Oats are about 2 feet taller than Dustin?
We didn't know they could grow that tall! Most are like 3 feet max.

Bekah & Grace on a dead, fallen tree.

Jake walking up the path, he looks tiny next to the Oats.
Speaking of height, Jacob, my 10 year old, is almost as tall as me already!
I know, I know, I am pretty short, but come on!!!

The sun was setting and was beautiful!

The view looking up the beach, back towards were we had parked.
I love how the sun set is making the Oats look pink.

Gracie's friend had a Skating party Saturday morning, and Grace did great!

Skating with her friends

This was the first time she has ever been to the skating rink, we have played on skates at home,
but that is it. She had fun and did great!

As always, I like to share with pictures, they tell much more than words ever can!

Happ Birthday Jacob!

We love to tease Jake, being the only boy, but he is a great kid! He is always making us laugh. He can light up a whole room. He is smart, kind, energetic in a good way, and always full of fun! He loves his sisters, most of the time! He is very helpful with just about anything, and loves helping me watch friends little ones. He thinks about things most adults don't stop to consider when it comes to others feelings and concerns. He has an amazing, sweet, loving spirit. He is a great example to others. A natural leader, I watch his friends at school gravitate towards him, and follow his lead. He is his dad's best friend. I love watching them hang out together and do anything they can together. They love to be together. Jake always wants his dad around to do or see whatever he is doing. He is defiantly his father's son! He loves football, and is a great player! We are very proud of him and all the hard work he does, if he does anything, he does it big and works hard!

Jake helping me check my lighting for a photo shoot later. But I just love his smile in it!

At the beach

Look at that handsome face! Just like his dad!

Family Fun turing a sub!

He is ALL boy! And we love him for it.
He fills our family with so much love and
fun times! We would be lost without him!

We love you Jake and hope you have a great 10th birthday!
 Despite the stories, Feb. 17th was one of the happiest days
of our lives, because we got you! 
Happy Birthday!

My Valentine!

To the love of my life,
I am so thankful for the past 14 years.
Without you I would be lost.
You have given my so much more than I have ever deserved.

You have taken me to great places.

You have given me the gospel.

You have been the best Father our kids could ever have.
You have loved me unconditionally.
You are my best friend.
Always & Forever
I will love you.
Happy Valentine's Day!

My biggest hope for all our loved ones and friends is that they can have what we have been blessed with.

Life and Family!

I am a little behind on my blogging. So hopeful this will get me up to date!

I finally did a Studio session of Grace in her Baptism dress. This is one of my favorites.
Jake in the beach on some old pier posts.
We spent some time out and about when Dustin's parents came to town in January. We went down by the pier and played a little despite the cool weather. At least it was a sunny beautiful day!

Gracie on the posts. She is a natural poser and always looks great!

Our sweet Bekah at the beach

The girls! Me and my sweet girls on the pier posts.

Grandpa & Grandma with the kids on the Pier.
Look how clear and pretty the water is!

We had a great time with them in town and have since been living life. We have taken turns being sick, I have yet to have a full week of no one sick this year! But we are doing good otherwise! School is good. Jake & Grace are both still doing good. Cub Scouts keeps us busy. We are getting ready for our Blue & Gold this month. Grace started the girls Faith in God program at church and is loving it. I have been gearing up for girls camp again! I think it will be a great year! Still helping teach art at the kids school to their classes. Bekah and I stay busy with playgroup and friends.
 I am starting a lose weight fun and healthy program called the '10 in 2'. I have done it before and liked it because it focuses on eating healthy and gaining healthy habits not 'dieting'. So hopefully I will be getting a kick in to shape and lose some weight!
Photography is going good. Sadly I will be losing by partner as she is moving, but we are sticking together, just doing pictures in different states! It has been fun and I am continually learning.

I just started a book called 'A Heart Like His'. Amazing! I am loving it and recommend it to everyone! It is all about gaining an open heart of love and acceptance. I normally do not like self help type books,but this book is great! So find it and read it! It is by Virgina H. Pearce. A 'Heart like his' is our stake camp theme this year. They got there inspiration from this book.
And there we are. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I will of course be posting about my love, but until then...

A new goal!

I love my blog!
I love reading all my friends blogs!
And seeing pictures of their families!
It makes my day when someone posts something new, especially if it has pictures!
And I love finding comments from my wonderful friends and family!

So, what might my new goal be...
Yes to post more, but my goal right now is to help my non-blogging friends and family to learn to love blogging!
If you or someone you know needs help learning how to do something on a blog,
or has questions about anything,
send them to me!

I have 3 personal blogs, and 3 business blogs,
so I have learned a few things and want to help!!!
Lets get everyone we love online so we can all stay in touch, the easy way!!!