My Valentine!

To the love of my life,
I am so thankful for the past 14 years.
Without you I would be lost.
You have given my so much more than I have ever deserved.

You have taken me to great places.

You have given me the gospel.

You have been the best Father our kids could ever have.
You have loved me unconditionally.
You are my best friend.
Always & Forever
I will love you.
Happy Valentine's Day!

My biggest hope for all our loved ones and friends is that they can have what we have been blessed with.

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Jessica from said...

Sounds like life is going wonderful for you. Full of the usual ups and down with sickness!! Can't wait to keep reading. Oh and don't die when you see my pictures. I need a new camera BAD. You won't wee the same quality that's for sure!!