Our week of FUN!!!

We started the week with Valentine's Day, and our 'pink' meals.
On Thursday Jacob turned 10! CRAZY I know! We had a family dinner and cake for him.

 This is the cake I made Jake, nothing fancy.
Jake getting ready to blow out the candles!

On Friday we went on a walk on a new beach Dustin had found while looking for places to run on base.
Her is Bekah sitting on the beach.

The Sea Oats were amazing! 7 to 8 feet tall!
Did I mention it has been in the high 60's low 70's this past week?
No, well it has been wonderful outside!

Grace by the Sea Oats

Walking up the path, see how the Sea Oats are about 2 feet taller than Dustin?
We didn't know they could grow that tall! Most are like 3 feet max.

Bekah & Grace on a dead, fallen tree.

Jake walking up the path, he looks tiny next to the Oats.
Speaking of height, Jacob, my 10 year old, is almost as tall as me already!
I know, I know, I am pretty short, but come on!!!

The sun was setting and was beautiful!

The view looking up the beach, back towards were we had parked.
I love how the sun set is making the Oats look pink.

Gracie's friend had a Skating party Saturday morning, and Grace did great!

Skating with her friends

This was the first time she has ever been to the skating rink, we have played on skates at home,
but that is it. She had fun and did great!

As always, I like to share with pictures, they tell much more than words ever can!

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Larsons said...

that looks like such a fun place to walk!