Happ Birthday Jacob!

We love to tease Jake, being the only boy, but he is a great kid! He is always making us laugh. He can light up a whole room. He is smart, kind, energetic in a good way, and always full of fun! He loves his sisters, most of the time! He is very helpful with just about anything, and loves helping me watch friends little ones. He thinks about things most adults don't stop to consider when it comes to others feelings and concerns. He has an amazing, sweet, loving spirit. He is a great example to others. A natural leader, I watch his friends at school gravitate towards him, and follow his lead. He is his dad's best friend. I love watching them hang out together and do anything they can together. They love to be together. Jake always wants his dad around to do or see whatever he is doing. He is defiantly his father's son! He loves football, and is a great player! We are very proud of him and all the hard work he does, if he does anything, he does it big and works hard!

Jake helping me check my lighting for a photo shoot later. But I just love his smile in it!

At the beach

Look at that handsome face! Just like his dad!

Family Fun turing a sub!

He is ALL boy! And we love him for it.
He fills our family with so much love and
fun times! We would be lost without him!

We love you Jake and hope you have a great 10th birthday!
 Despite the stories, Feb. 17th was one of the happiest days
of our lives, because we got you! 
Happy Birthday!

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