Where have you gone???

As I was checking to see who has been updating there blogs I have noticed that several of my dear friends have not in a long time- talking a year or two. Sad times. I miss hearing, and seeing all that is going on with you and your families. I know several of you are on Facebook, and so you don't blog any more, which is fine, we each have are own ways of doing things. But oh how I miss you. I enjoy my facebook time, but find it not as nice a place to really share much, and the way they keep changing things makes it even harder to really know what is going on with everyone. And even less secure a place to put pictures.

I also miss hearing back from many of you. I know I don't always post comments to everyone, and the same is said for all. But I do love hearing back from everyone.

On a happy note, I am SOOO glad to have found a few old friends blogs! And some new blogs started by friends and family as well. It is nice to catch up with you.

I am so thankful for the many ways we can all stay in touch despite the long distances between us. And for all you great family and friends with whom I want to stay in touch with!

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