Fear Factor Party!!!

For Jacob's 10th Birthday we decided to do this fun party idea I had found for
a Fear Factor Party! It turned out great!!!

This is the front of the invite I made.
For part of the Physical challenge the boys had to stack these crates on to a dolly and race around 4 points...

They had to shoot 3 baskets, with a semi-flat soccer ball,
and they had to throw tennis balls at cans and knock down 5 cans. It was all harder then it looked!
But they had fun! And did great!
This is the gross food eating part! I love Jake's friends face!
They had canned spinach, pickled okra on some,
Capers on some, and fried crickets, (yes, real fried crickets), and fried larva worms,(yes, real fried larva's).
So the post I got this idea from said that some of the boys would eat the bugs, but not the veggies, I didn't think it was real, but sure enough! It was sooo funny!

Here is a cricket, Jake is about to eat!

Eating the cricket!
He did great! He was the only boy to eat everything!
The other boys, after a little egging, ate the worms and crickets, but not the veggies!
They wouldn't touch them!
Jake said the spinach was the worst part of it all!

Next they had to get the plastic bugs out of the jello with their mouths!
They thought it was great!

Then they had to transfer half a cup of oil from one cup to another with their mouths.
Last they had to dig spiders out of a mixture of noddles and other gross stuff.
They were all great sports and did great!
It was a fun time!

Here is Jake with his buddies enjoying icee's.

A friend made up these t-shirts for me.
Each boy got one as their gift. This is the front.

And the back.

As you can see, we had a blast!

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Andrea said...

What a fun theme! Looks like they had a blast.