Life and Family!

I am a little behind on my blogging. So hopeful this will get me up to date!

I finally did a Studio session of Grace in her Baptism dress. This is one of my favorites.
Jake in the beach on some old pier posts.
We spent some time out and about when Dustin's parents came to town in January. We went down by the pier and played a little despite the cool weather. At least it was a sunny beautiful day!

Gracie on the posts. She is a natural poser and always looks great!

Our sweet Bekah at the beach

The girls! Me and my sweet girls on the pier posts.

Grandpa & Grandma with the kids on the Pier.
Look how clear and pretty the water is!

We had a great time with them in town and have since been living life. We have taken turns being sick, I have yet to have a full week of no one sick this year! But we are doing good otherwise! School is good. Jake & Grace are both still doing good. Cub Scouts keeps us busy. We are getting ready for our Blue & Gold this month. Grace started the girls Faith in God program at church and is loving it. I have been gearing up for girls camp again! I think it will be a great year! Still helping teach art at the kids school to their classes. Bekah and I stay busy with playgroup and friends.
 I am starting a lose weight fun and healthy program called the '10 in 2'. I have done it before and liked it because it focuses on eating healthy and gaining healthy habits not 'dieting'. So hopefully I will be getting a kick in to shape and lose some weight!
Photography is going good. Sadly I will be losing by partner as she is moving, but we are sticking together, just doing pictures in different states! It has been fun and I am continually learning.

I just started a book called 'A Heart Like His'. Amazing! I am loving it and recommend it to everyone! It is all about gaining an open heart of love and acceptance. I normally do not like self help type books,but this book is great! So find it and read it! It is by Virgina H. Pearce. A 'Heart like his' is our stake camp theme this year. They got there inspiration from this book.
And there we are. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I will of course be posting about my love, but until then...

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