Project 10! Goal met!

Her is another project I have been working on...

I don't know about you all, but I love sending and getting cards! 
Letters and cards are becoming a lost art. 
Growing up I loved to get a card in the mail! Or any mail for that matter! 
And today it still makes my day! 
I have wanted to get organized so I can get cards out to family and friends for birthdays at least! I always seem to forget, or not have a card, or no stamps...

 First I had to gather everything! I recently ordered a BUNCH of different birthday card packages from Current Catalog. They had a big sale so I got a TON for cheap! (Its the thought that matters, not the price of the card!) Now I enjoy making cards, but right now I don't have the time! 
(((See my old card box, the green one, I got it a long time ago, it has dividers and came with a bunch of different types of cards, holiday, thank you, birthday, Get well, thinking of you, blank... it has been great, but I was out of most of them!)))
 I have also been compiling my Birthday list!!!
If you add my family, my husbands family, bonus family & some close friends, it is a long list! And I have more people I want to add to it! Work in progress! Any who, it is typed by month and then by date! I also added what I normally do for them, or ideas. (gift card, gift, how much $...)
 Got to have that address book, pen, stamps, and a few gift cards I had picked up!
 Old unorganized box! It still holds the cards for now tho! Although the lid is long gone!
 My monthly dividers, with cards written, addressed, stamped and almost ready to go!
Now, I didn't take a picture, but I cut one of my Birthday lists up by month and put it on the backs of my dividers, so if I can't find my big list, I have one for each month nice and handy! 
NOW look at my organized, fully stocked, ready to go card box! 
Hopefully I won't be forgetting any birthdays this year, at least from know on! 

AND that completes my goal of finishing 10 project before June 10th!!! 
I am still working on several, and will finish them, but I met one part of my goal!!!

The rest of the goal to:
Get rid of 1000 things to give away, trash, anywhere- I have gotten rid of about 250 so far! This next week I am hoping to get rid of more! Finding it harder than I thought since we got rid of a bunch before we moved! And I am saving the girls clothes for the next girl...

Save $300- I have $150 in savings now, and have the rest in cash!!! So I did it too!!! I am hoping to save more for the summer fun in Idaho tho... we will see! 

Projects 5 thru 9! One to go!!!

Today is one of the few days I have had to stay home!!! Now I should have been cleaning! BUT, I wasn't feeling great, and neither has Lizzie Zoe! So I have been having fun instead! ;)
In between my sweet baby crying and sleeping! 

Project 5
 Did this last week, I still have a little sewing to do and I need to go pick up some sheer curtains to hang, but...

 Tada! I wasn't sure how they would look. My material was a little to short, so I added some blue to the bottom. (There are little blue squares on the brown, I will try to take a picture of it close up!)

Project 6
 Have had this Knife block for a while! It matched NOTHING in my kitchen, or really house for that matte! So, I found an idea on Pinterest! 
 First I tried staining it... didn't work so well! It rubbed right off. And the vinyl would not stick to it! 
 So instead I mixed a few colors to make a blue I liked, and painted it with craft paint.
 Worked great! 
 Then I did a little sanding, added a vinyl R I got from Good Golly Graphics 
She whipped this up fast! 

Project 7
 I was given these 3 wooden containers, they started out a plain natural wood. Which I didn't love. They don't match anything! So out came some stain!!!
 Love them now!!! Not sure what I am going to use them for, 
but for now they look great by my fireplace!

Project 8 
This is a sneak peak really, I need to cut this and put it up over my kitchen window. 
Hard to explain, but I think it will look great! More to come on this one! 
(I need to buy a new drill first!)

Project 9

I saw this saying and loved it!!! But didn't want to put it on the wall, because I want to be able to move it. (Dustin probably won't want it center in our living room while he is home, but I want it there for now!) 
SO.... Are you ready for this????!!!!
I wanted to use something I had on hand...

Yes! I used a piece of insulation I had in the garage from another project! 
I know! Really?!?!?
But I thought what the hay, why not!?
So I started by painting it black.

It took a few coats of black paint. And it rubbed off a little so you have to be gentle. 

 Then I painted white over the top, like I said gentle, it rubs off. 
 I only did one coat, but I rubbed it on thin. 
Then I added my vinyl saying! 
*Note: You have to be careful when doing this, the transfer paper kinda pulled off a little of the paint so I had to go back over it and do a few touch ups. But after a little black and then white again, it was good as new and you couldn't tell! 

 A close up! You can't even tell it isn't wood!
 And Ta Da!!!
 I love it!!! 
He really is our Hero! We love him! And are proud of him!
We wanted to show it! Front and center in our living room! 
(Again Good Golly Graphics did the vinyl!)

Now, I could have, and might, go over it with a clear coat or seal, maybe mod podge. 
But for know it is up high, where it won't get rubbed, so it is good for now! 

And 1 left to do!!! Not sure what it will be! And I do have to finish a few of them! So stay tuned! 

Projects 2, 3, and 4 of 10!

So here are some of my projects I have done lately...

I am working on getting curtains or something up on my windows. 
I want a warmer, inviting feeling. 
 Livingroom- before
 So, we have had this set of end tables for a while now. When we moved from Florida to here, the movers lost the legs to one of them, yes we had the top, but no legs! Well after we had turned in a claim, the company found them. Random! They brought us the legs right before Dustin deployed, and being busy, I just got it put together! 
 Upstairs Loft/family room- I got some pictures up!
And not just any pictures!!!
Some of you may know this, but 2 of my many loves are genealogy and maps!
These 5 smaller pictures combine these two loves! My Grandfather Martin drew these maps when he was in High school! (These are only copies, thus they look gray.) They are hanging above his desk! ( I will take a better picture of them together asap)

It was hard to get a good picture of them through the glass, sorry. But you get the idea. 
And I love having them up to look at everyday! 

(My grandpa died way before I was born, so I never meet him, I have only picture and stories told by others.)

As you see I have been busy doing. I have 2 other projects almost done! I have half my goal of $300 saved, and about 100 of my 1000 items gone! 
This week I will be working on more, lots more! 

1 done! 9 to go!!!

Here is part, I can't share it all, because a certain someone might see it... but here is the one I did for Dustin for Father's Day! I know, it is early to be doing it, but I still have to have it printed, and then mail the box with all his Father's Day gifts... so that it will get there before Father's Day! SO I had to get it done! AND it checks off 1 of my 10 projects to complete by June 10th!!!

I LOVE it!!!
Can't wait to get it printed!!!

Goals Inspired

Inspired by 2 of my good friends, MJ and Dawn, I am setting some goals! 
Maybe they will help me get back into things and feeling good! As I have been in a slump! Now I am giving myself longer than they did and adding a few, (one got rid of 1000 things in 1 week, the other 1 day!) but due to a sweet little baby I need longer, as it takes me 4 times as long to do anything, so by June 10th I am: 
getting rid of 1000 things, to trash, give away..., 
I am saving $300
and I am finishing 10 projects
Let the fun begin! (I will take pictures as I go!!!)

Now if only the drill would work...

About me! (Check and see if you were tagged!!!)

So, I have been 'tagged'. I know most of my posts are about my adorable kids, and really, its funner to write and read about them, but I thought I would do this thing about me for fun! So here it goes...

 Me on my birthday! (March)

Easter 2012 
My world! Love my 4 monkeys!!!

- I grew up on a small farm in Idaho. I love all animals! And enjoyed playing in the fields and hanging out with my horse and dogs! Can't wait until I can give my kids that opportunity! I am, and always have been a Country girl!!! 

- I love everything about genealogy and family history! I love spending hours upon hours researching! And can get sucked in fast! I love history and have a dozen + books about different countries history! I have always wanted to go into Archaeology and Anthropology! 

- I love anything outdoors! Fishing and hunting, riding horses, hiking, camping, riding ATV's and shooting! 

- I love to bake! And decorate cakes! I SO badly want to take a few classes and learn more! Soon!

- I really do love being a military wife. k- so I don't love the deployments. But I love everything else about it. Moving, seeing new places, meeting new people! Some of the most amazing people I know I have meet in our moves! I have made life time friends, sisters, nieces and nephews, mom's and dad's... (Your friends become you family sometimes!) 4 of my closest friends, sister really, are spread far and wide, but I love them and always will! I am so thankful I got to meet them and really know them! (Can't wait till our next trip together!!!) We have got to travel to and live in amazing places! Places we small town Idahoans would never have gone if not for the military! (Hawaii, Alaska, Florida...) 

- I LOVE to travel!!! Seeing new places is the best! I hope to get to travel to a lot more places in the next several years! 

- My favorite thing to do is photography! I love taking fun new pictures, trying new things! I always wanted to be a nature photographer when I was younger. Travel the world taking pictures of amazing places and animals! Someday... for now I enjoy taking pictures of my kids and friends! 

If you are tagged or feel like doing this...
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and a few random facts.
3. Answer the questions set for you by me.

If you had to pick 1 thing to eat for the rest of your life, what'd it be?

Hello! Chocolate! I guess if you wanted a real food I would say BBQ anything!

If you could be any celebrity, who would you be?

Well, I don't really want to be a celebrity, but I would have to say, Sandra Bullock is one of my favorites!

What would you do with $5000, if you had to spend it all in 1 day?

Besides put it towards getting out of debt? I would either buy a 4-wheeler or a playground for my kids. Although a shopping spree of clothes, shoes, jewelry and craft/house decorating stuff would be great! Anyone want to give me $5000 and see what I do?????????

What is your favorite scent? (perfume)

I never wear any! But I do have and love Happy by Clinique.

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

I have no idea! When I was younger I wanted to go by my middle name, Megan. I always thought I had an old lady name, but I am good with it now, I guess cause I am old!

Chocolate or Fruit Candy?

Chocolate! No question!

What is your favorite day of the week?

Saturday! I get to have all my kids home, and not do anything! (Well, some Saturdays anyway! My days are all so busy right now!

What is your favorite restaurant?
It depends on where we are living! But my all time favorite would be Melting Pot! As soon as Lizzie takes a bottle and I get to go out without her, I am going there!!!

Where did you meet/tell us the story of you and your hubby?
Well... my friend's mom married Dustin's friends dad. I dated a few of his friends, hanging out with Dustin when I decided he was way cooler! We went to different HS's but were high school sweethearts. He was and is the sweetest, funnest, smartest guy I know! He has been my best friend for the almost 15 years we have been married plus the year before!

Book you last read or are reading now and what you thought/think of it?

Blind Date Bride by Jillian Hart, good clean romance, as are all her books, which I like! And Crossfire by Traci Hunter Abramson, great book!

Now that you know more about me than you ever wanted to...

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