Projects 2, 3, and 4 of 10!

So here are some of my projects I have done lately...

I am working on getting curtains or something up on my windows. 
I want a warmer, inviting feeling. 
 Livingroom- before
 So, we have had this set of end tables for a while now. When we moved from Florida to here, the movers lost the legs to one of them, yes we had the top, but no legs! Well after we had turned in a claim, the company found them. Random! They brought us the legs right before Dustin deployed, and being busy, I just got it put together! 
 Upstairs Loft/family room- I got some pictures up!
And not just any pictures!!!
Some of you may know this, but 2 of my many loves are genealogy and maps!
These 5 smaller pictures combine these two loves! My Grandfather Martin drew these maps when he was in High school! (These are only copies, thus they look gray.) They are hanging above his desk! ( I will take a better picture of them together asap)

It was hard to get a good picture of them through the glass, sorry. But you get the idea. 
And I love having them up to look at everyday! 

(My grandpa died way before I was born, so I never meet him, I have only picture and stories told by others.)

As you see I have been busy doing. I have 2 other projects almost done! I have half my goal of $300 saved, and about 100 of my 1000 items gone! 
This week I will be working on more, lots more! 

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