Project 10! Goal met!

Her is another project I have been working on...

I don't know about you all, but I love sending and getting cards! 
Letters and cards are becoming a lost art. 
Growing up I loved to get a card in the mail! Or any mail for that matter! 
And today it still makes my day! 
I have wanted to get organized so I can get cards out to family and friends for birthdays at least! I always seem to forget, or not have a card, or no stamps...

 First I had to gather everything! I recently ordered a BUNCH of different birthday card packages from Current Catalog. They had a big sale so I got a TON for cheap! (Its the thought that matters, not the price of the card!) Now I enjoy making cards, but right now I don't have the time! 
(((See my old card box, the green one, I got it a long time ago, it has dividers and came with a bunch of different types of cards, holiday, thank you, birthday, Get well, thinking of you, blank... it has been great, but I was out of most of them!)))
 I have also been compiling my Birthday list!!!
If you add my family, my husbands family, bonus family & some close friends, it is a long list! And I have more people I want to add to it! Work in progress! Any who, it is typed by month and then by date! I also added what I normally do for them, or ideas. (gift card, gift, how much $...)
 Got to have that address book, pen, stamps, and a few gift cards I had picked up!
 Old unorganized box! It still holds the cards for now tho! Although the lid is long gone!
 My monthly dividers, with cards written, addressed, stamped and almost ready to go!
Now, I didn't take a picture, but I cut one of my Birthday lists up by month and put it on the backs of my dividers, so if I can't find my big list, I have one for each month nice and handy! 
NOW look at my organized, fully stocked, ready to go card box! 
Hopefully I won't be forgetting any birthdays this year, at least from know on! 

AND that completes my goal of finishing 10 project before June 10th!!! 
I am still working on several, and will finish them, but I met one part of my goal!!!

The rest of the goal to:
Get rid of 1000 things to give away, trash, anywhere- I have gotten rid of about 250 so far! This next week I am hoping to get rid of more! Finding it harder than I thought since we got rid of a bunch before we moved! And I am saving the girls clothes for the next girl...

Save $300- I have $150 in savings now, and have the rest in cash!!! So I did it too!!! I am hoping to save more for the summer fun in Idaho tho... we will see! 

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