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So, I have been 'tagged'. I know most of my posts are about my adorable kids, and really, its funner to write and read about them, but I thought I would do this thing about me for fun! So here it goes...

 Me on my birthday! (March)

Easter 2012 
My world! Love my 4 monkeys!!!

- I grew up on a small farm in Idaho. I love all animals! And enjoyed playing in the fields and hanging out with my horse and dogs! Can't wait until I can give my kids that opportunity! I am, and always have been a Country girl!!! 

- I love everything about genealogy and family history! I love spending hours upon hours researching! And can get sucked in fast! I love history and have a dozen + books about different countries history! I have always wanted to go into Archaeology and Anthropology! 

- I love anything outdoors! Fishing and hunting, riding horses, hiking, camping, riding ATV's and shooting! 

- I love to bake! And decorate cakes! I SO badly want to take a few classes and learn more! Soon!

- I really do love being a military wife. k- so I don't love the deployments. But I love everything else about it. Moving, seeing new places, meeting new people! Some of the most amazing people I know I have meet in our moves! I have made life time friends, sisters, nieces and nephews, mom's and dad's... (Your friends become you family sometimes!) 4 of my closest friends, sister really, are spread far and wide, but I love them and always will! I am so thankful I got to meet them and really know them! (Can't wait till our next trip together!!!) We have got to travel to and live in amazing places! Places we small town Idahoans would never have gone if not for the military! (Hawaii, Alaska, Florida...) 

- I LOVE to travel!!! Seeing new places is the best! I hope to get to travel to a lot more places in the next several years! 

- My favorite thing to do is photography! I love taking fun new pictures, trying new things! I always wanted to be a nature photographer when I was younger. Travel the world taking pictures of amazing places and animals! Someday... for now I enjoy taking pictures of my kids and friends! 

If you are tagged or feel like doing this...
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3. Answer the questions set for you by me.

If you had to pick 1 thing to eat for the rest of your life, what'd it be?

Hello! Chocolate! I guess if you wanted a real food I would say BBQ anything!

If you could be any celebrity, who would you be?

Well, I don't really want to be a celebrity, but I would have to say, Sandra Bullock is one of my favorites!

What would you do with $5000, if you had to spend it all in 1 day?

Besides put it towards getting out of debt? I would either buy a 4-wheeler or a playground for my kids. Although a shopping spree of clothes, shoes, jewelry and craft/house decorating stuff would be great! Anyone want to give me $5000 and see what I do?????????

What is your favorite scent? (perfume)

I never wear any! But I do have and love Happy by Clinique.

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

I have no idea! When I was younger I wanted to go by my middle name, Megan. I always thought I had an old lady name, but I am good with it now, I guess cause I am old!

Chocolate or Fruit Candy?

Chocolate! No question!

What is your favorite day of the week?

Saturday! I get to have all my kids home, and not do anything! (Well, some Saturdays anyway! My days are all so busy right now!

What is your favorite restaurant?
It depends on where we are living! But my all time favorite would be Melting Pot! As soon as Lizzie takes a bottle and I get to go out without her, I am going there!!!

Where did you meet/tell us the story of you and your hubby?
Well... my friend's mom married Dustin's friends dad. I dated a few of his friends, hanging out with Dustin when I decided he was way cooler! We went to different HS's but were high school sweethearts. He was and is the sweetest, funnest, smartest guy I know! He has been my best friend for the almost 15 years we have been married plus the year before!

Book you last read or are reading now and what you thought/think of it?

Blind Date Bride by Jillian Hart, good clean romance, as are all her books, which I like! And Crossfire by Traci Hunter Abramson, great book!

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What is your all time favorite book? Movie?

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