Sweet Sisterhood!

Elizabeth Zoe insolubly loves her sisters! 
She loves being held and loved by them, talking to them, watching them and laughing at them! 
They make everything better! 

Yesterday we went in for her 4 month check up- I know it was at 5 months! (We needed to get her registered on base with insurance by a certain date, and Dustin had to do it, well he went TDY and couldn't do it by said date, SO we were late, making it so we had to wait to get her an appointment until after 30 days we finally were able to do it...) 
ANYWAY... she now weights 14 lbs and 5 ounces which is in the 50 percentile for weight and in 26 inches long which is in the 90 percentile for height! And she is a healthy happy baby! Of course I got all the 'doctor rules' for being a mom. They change every year it seems, which is strange cause I have been a mom for 11+ years and my first is and was just as healthy as my youngest- even though I did things the 'old' way back then! (And my mom did things the 'older' way and I grew up just fine!) So I am not sure why they keep changing things! So I will be taking it all as 'ideas' and 'suggestions', since most of it is little things that don't make such a big deal! Like I said my other kids have always been healthy! 
SO after her appointment we had to go get 4 month imunazations, they suck by the way! Anyway, she was all happy right before them, Bekah even had her laughing good! You see if Bekah jumps up and down or towards her she laughs like crazy, only at Bekah tho!  So I laid her down, she was fine, got the shots, which of course made her scream. Now normally my kids cry and are unhappy for at least an hour after them, not Lizzie! 
No, as we were leaving the clinic, not even 2 minutes after the shots, Bekah said something to me and Lizzie started laughing at her! So Bekah started jumping and she laughed until she go the hiccups again! 
I love that my sweet baby loves her sisters SO much!!! They are all so sweet to each other!!!

Enjoy a few pictures and a short video! (Sorry the video moves around like crazy, Jake was trying to record it for me and hasn't quite mastered it yet :)

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Jamie said...

Your family is getting so big! Congrats on your baby. Time flies, hope you are having fun.