Spring Break Part 2- The fun continues!

After 2 fun filled and packed days in Denver, we started for home. 
But first...

We had to stop and see the Denver Temple. 
 My cute Bekah
 My sweet Grace
 My handsome Jacob
 CUTE kids! 
 Me :)
 My precious Elizabeth Zoe & myself 
 Love these kids! So glad they are mine forever!
We also went to the book store and each got a new book and a picture of Christ for their rooms, they each picked their favorite one!
 You guessed it! We stopped at the new Denver American Girl store!
 The girls loved it!
 They were so over whelmed by all the choices!!!
The each got some money to spend and got to pick what they bought. Bekah decided on a custom made tee-shirt for doll, she picked the color, design and sleeve length. Then watched as it was made! The lady was great showing her ever step!
They both decided they wanted to come back! Grace even said she just wants money or AG gift cards for her next birthday so she can go back and go shopping! (She has another 10 months to go tho!)

And home we went to get ready for Part 3...

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