Spring Break Part 3, the last of the fun!

The last part of our trip we headed south and into the mountains for some more fun!
We went to a little Gator & Reptile farm, I know, in the mountains of Colorado???
Yep! There is a natural spring that keeps the place a toasty 87 degrees year round!

 Jake & Grace holding a baby gator! Bekah and I didn't really want to touch it! 
 Grace by a giant turtle! 
 Bekah by the fence to one of the many gator ponds! 
 Jake by the gators
 This gator's name is Elvis and he is 25 years old. 
 Relaxing on a swing, enjoying the sun! 
 Lizzie and I by another gator
 Meet Morris, as the sign below says, you may have seen him in a number of movies including Dr. Doolittle 2, Happy Gilmore and many more! 

 Watch out for those gators! 

We then went to the hotel, that had a mini water park inside! It was a really nice hotel, we liked it. 
Very family friendly!  We checked in and went straight to the pool! It soon became crowded, so after about 3 hours of playing we went to dinner! 
 Bekah in the kids side, going through the waterfall.
 Enjoying the pool! We have missed the water! 
 We played hard! Lizzie got worn out! But she seemed to really like it. 
 They had a big water slide! Jake enjoyed it!
 The first night, it was crowded and the girls wouldn't try it, but the next morning after breakfast we went and swam for a few hours and they came to love it! (Grace coming out, Jake at the bottom waiting.)
 Pretty girls! Isn't Lizzie's suit SO cute! Thanks Grandma Marie for it!!!She was tooo cute in it!
 Bekah coming out! Jake catching her! 
 'In the car AGAIN???' She did pretty good. She is holding a stuffed flamingo that Jake picked out for her at the Denver Zoo, its long neck is perfect for her to hold! 
Okay, so I had only been driving for 2.5 hours, we were almost home and I was getting a little silly! I was signing with the radio, and Jake had access to my camera= funny pictures of me! 
If you flip through the pictures fast you can almost figure out what I am saying, that's how many he took! He thought it was blackmail, I think it is funny :)

And thus ended our Spring Break fun! 
We had a great week, but are happy to be home and are working on getting back on our schedule!
The perfect end was watching Conference!  


Kayla said...

You are such a fun mama! My favorites are Jake waiting to catch the girls at the end of the water slide. He's such a great big brother. Just makes me want to smooch him! Love you all :)

jbafaith said...

Awesome family and beautiful picts - or is it the other way around? LOL Were you able to send all these to your hubby?