Happy Easter!

This Easter I am eternally grateful to have the Lord in my life. It is through his love and strength that I am able to do all that I must. I am so glad that I have an eternal family. I am thankful for my amazing husband who is serving us and our country, doing everything he can to let me be home with our wonderful children. I am so glad I get to be their mom, watching them learn and grow everyday! 

Here is a little of our Easter fun! 
 Lizzie in her new jumper!
 We did a secret 'You've been egged!' to one of our neighbors. We filled plastic eggs with treats and left them on their yard, with a sign! The kids had SO much fun! Grace and Bekah were excited to do something fun for a friend. Jake got all secret military, staying against walls... it was so fun!
 I made fun rice crispy 'eggs' with m&m's inside for a fun surprise!
 Coloring eggs! 

 Easter baskets ready for the morning!!!
 Bunny faces!

 My beautiful kids!!! Growing up fast!
 Sweet Elizabeth Zoe!
 Egg hunt!

Friday at the kids school, the kids did a dance show. They have been learning dances for a while and had an assembly to show their families. 
 Grace waiting to start
 One of the dances 3rd grade did.
 Jake waiting for his next dance.
One of Jake's dances! 
I got some video I will try to upload soon! 
It was fun to watch! 

On a down side Dustin's Grandpa Ashbocker who has been sick for the past few months past away last night. I am grateful for the past 14, almost 15 years that I have got to know him and have him as a grandfather. He was a wonderful man. I am glad I have those memories of him, and so glad my kids had him as a Great Grandpa. I am glad we have forever to be with him. He will be missed, we look forward to seeing him in the future. 
Love you Grandpa Ashbocker! 

We hope you all had a very Happy Easter! 

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