SSHH... it's a surprise!

I have enjoyed some crafting and assembling the past few days! 
Don't be surprised if you receive one, or many of these this year at sometime!!! They were fun to make!
 I made these 'pop tab' goodies for a friends birthday and a surprise for Dustin! Whats inside is a surprise I won't share! I plan on making many of these for different things this year!!! Some of you who will see this will be getting one, sorry!
 Easter goodies!!!
 I will show more on these after Easter as I made some for more than just my kids!!!

I found these ideas on Pinterest. If you really want to see more and get the free printable's go see my Easter/Spring Board!

AND some cuteness! Just because I got it ;)
 Look who found her feet!!!
 I LOVE these beautiful blue eyes! I never thought I would have a blue eyed angel after 3 deep brown eyed kids! 
She is beautiful!!!

I love getting to be home with my cute kids, making them and others fun surprises, and being a military wife! 
What could be better???

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jbafaith said...

Very cute pictures! Glad you had such a wonderful Easter - isn't it great being a part of the Lord's gospel? You look beautiful and the kids are adorable!