Jake's 3rd Grade Play!

Jake's school had their 3rd Grade Play today! They did great! Here is Jake entering! Him up with his class singing! And him on stage doing the sign language to a song they sang.

Jake after the play!

Bekah with her big brother!

We had a great time! They did a great job! And Jake was fantastic!

Too Too Cute!

So the last few days I have been watching my friends 9 month old because she has been teething and had a fever, so she couldn't go to day care. Well, when she is sick she like to cuddle and be held. Like most babies. This morning my sweet Bekah comes in to my room, where I am watching a movie, and says she has a fever, she needs to cuddle!!! TOOOOOO CUTE!!! I just love those sweet moments, it makes being a stay home mom so worth it!

Jacob's Field Day!

Jake had a great time at his field day! Above he is doing a water balloon relay. the potato sack race, and just relaxing!

Jake and Bekah hanging out! And Jake and his class doing the Tug of War!

Jake's class won first place!!! Out of all the third grade classes!!! Can't tell they were excited!!! Jake is on the far left.

Jake getting all wet at the end of the fun! Bekah watching them get wet!

Gotta give their teacher a nice wet hug!

It was a hot fun day! I can't believe he is almost done with third grade!

Way to go Jake!!!

So this morning Jake ran his first 5k race!!!
Not only did he run it, he got first place in his age group!!!
AND 24th place overall out of 350 people!!! (Ages 1 to 65+)

He did so great! We are soooooo proud of him!
I will post pictures soon!

Grace's Field Day!

Grace had a great time and did a great job at her Field Day!

The water balloon race!
Bekah & I had fun watching and cheering for Grace!

Grace and one of her best friends, Jasmine!

Grace doing the teacher lay race!

Grace in the 50 yard relay race!

The tug a war! Grace is third from the end!

Pulling hard!!! Look at that face!

The water game, getting all wet!

Givin' her teacher a nice wet hug!

Grace had fun and got several ribbons!


There are no better mom's then the ones I am lucky enough to have! Happy Mother's day!

I was born to a great mom how has done so much to help and teach me, she is always there for me and I know I can always go to her for anything! I love you mom!

I was lucky to gain a wonderful mother in law who is always there for me, who has taught me so much and is a great example to me. I love you Marie!

I have some wonderful grandmother's, one I was born with and two I through marriage, who have blessed my life and taught me much! I love you Grandma Martin, Grandma Rolfe and Grandma Ashbocker!

I have been lucky in life and have found a few 'adopted moms' who have taught me, loved me, and been there for me. Thank you all! I love each of you, Onnolee, Linda, and many others!

I have some wonderful sisters, by blood, in law, or 'adopted', whom I love and are each great examples of love and sisterhood, as well as being great mom's, either to their own or to my children! Thank you each so much, I love you! Deana, Rachel, Kayla (who is almost a mom, and will be great!), Onna (almost a mom!!!) and Tess!

There are also some wonderful mom friends who have helped, taught, and shown me much! You are all great moms and are a great example to me! I love each of you! Dana, Becky, MJ, AJ, Jenn, Michelle, Terri, Bekki, Katie, Nicky, Jamie, Bethany, Molly, Jennifer, Danielle, Lollie, Dawn, Jay, I could go on and on! Each of my wonderful friends mean so much to me! Thank you!

I have to say that nothing has given me more joy then being a mom! I love my children so much. They are each so special to me and I know I am blessed to have them!
My sweet talented daughter got to be in a county wide Art Gallery!
Each teacher got to choose two students each with one piece of art to put in the show, Gracie was one of them!

We are so very proud of her! She is very talented and really enjoys doing anything artistic! It was fun to go see all the art work, but mostly hers!
Way to go Grace!