There are no better mom's then the ones I am lucky enough to have! Happy Mother's day!

I was born to a great mom how has done so much to help and teach me, she is always there for me and I know I can always go to her for anything! I love you mom!

I was lucky to gain a wonderful mother in law who is always there for me, who has taught me so much and is a great example to me. I love you Marie!

I have some wonderful grandmother's, one I was born with and two I through marriage, who have blessed my life and taught me much! I love you Grandma Martin, Grandma Rolfe and Grandma Ashbocker!

I have been lucky in life and have found a few 'adopted moms' who have taught me, loved me, and been there for me. Thank you all! I love each of you, Onnolee, Linda, and many others!

I have some wonderful sisters, by blood, in law, or 'adopted', whom I love and are each great examples of love and sisterhood, as well as being great mom's, either to their own or to my children! Thank you each so much, I love you! Deana, Rachel, Kayla (who is almost a mom, and will be great!), Onna (almost a mom!!!) and Tess!

There are also some wonderful mom friends who have helped, taught, and shown me much! You are all great moms and are a great example to me! I love each of you! Dana, Becky, MJ, AJ, Jenn, Michelle, Terri, Bekki, Katie, Nicky, Jamie, Bethany, Molly, Jennifer, Danielle, Lollie, Dawn, Jay, I could go on and on! Each of my wonderful friends mean so much to me! Thank you!

I have to say that nothing has given me more joy then being a mom! I love my children so much. They are each so special to me and I know I am blessed to have them!


Katie said...

You are sweet! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's day!

Danielle said...

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you had a great day and your family spoiled you!