For any of you in to making anything with Ribbon, I just found a great place to get every kind! They are based in Idaho! So if you live near you can pick it up and not have to pay shipping, but they ship also! They even show how to make a few types of bows! Enjoy!
(I will keep the link on the side)
Well, my birthday started out with a great snow storm!!!
The goofy groom to be, Joe
Onna, the Bride to be, at her shower

Out shopping for a few last minute wedding fun stuff!
Gracie getting her hair done the morning of the wedding
Bekah getting her hair done, she sat still and everything!

Me, getting my hair done too! Bridesmaids have to look good!
My mom and I relaxing after a long day of wedding fun!

Garrett & Bekah playing!

Cute Bekah!

Little Gideon!

Bekah, Grace & Jake being cute!

Sisterly love!

Lee & his new fiance Timi!

Mother of the bride, Onnolee, & I relaxing!

As you can see, we had fun! I will try to get some more pictures of the wedding soon! I didn't carry my camera with me! I know!

Birthday fun!

Okay, so I didn't take many pictures! I know!!! I got to go get my nails done, thanks to a great friend for watching my girls! Thanks Katie!!! I owe you!
I got to go to lunch with my '2nd' mom and all my 'sisters', it was great! I love being with them! Then I went and spent time with them at home. Then all the girls went to the mall to find a few last items for wedding fun!

I spent most of my birthday decorating a church for one of my sisters wedding! But I love doing that stuff so it was fun! Plus the whole family was their helping, it was a blast!

Then to the Rolfe's for more fun!!! I love them to death! Ma, Marie, got my favorite take out, ribs from Bubba's! It was great! Everyone was there, my mom and Keith even got to be there! I will get some pictures soon of that night! Ma took them! Thanks! It was a great night and I got some cute clothes! And shoes, and a purse, and jewelry! It was great! I love you guys! (And of course I had lots of help opening the presents from my girls!)

And then I got to finish embellishing Bekah's dance costume and the rest of her classes! And making bows to go with them! It was fun! They are having pictures in them next week!!! I will post as soon as I can!

So, I had a great birthday! Thanks everyone!

Fun Coming!

So today starts day 2 of Birthday fun! (Last Saturday was the first, Thanks Rach!) So I will have some happy events to show and blog!

Then this weekend is my sister's wedding! Yeah Onna and Red! It will be a fun, but busy week!!!

I decided it was time to change my hair! As most of you know I do this a lot! I went darker this time!


So I am not sure if I posted these or not, but as promised here are a few pictures of one on the quilts I did for Christmas, this one was for my Mom and Keith.

So, Jake and I got new reading glasses, not exciting, but lots of money!

Suprise Suprise, Jake picked ones with camo on the sides!

Me and My girls!

Jake and Bekah being sweet!


Okay, so life as been pretty boring, as my blog shows! I have been trying to save money, which is going good. I have been going threw things and cleaning things out and packing. Yeah, nothing exciting in my house right now! Sorry! I do have several friends who have had some very cute babies! But none in my home! I will work on taking pictures of the moving process and other random fun things, but warning, there aren't many right now!!!

Oh, I am good on boxes thanks to my brother in law! Thanks Kendall! Love ya!


If any of you wonderful people living around me happen to have any good boxes I could use some! I am trying to use Rubbermaid type containers, but there is no way I will have enough before I leave, what with trying to save money and all! So send those boxes my way!!! I am already packing!

Shopping, today!

Okay so my second trip shopping and saving was better! I got $168.25 worth of food for $73.84, saving $94.41, and getting $4.00 off my next purchase! So this time I saved more than I spent! It was so great watching the total go down, down, down as my coupons were taken off!!! Yeah me!

I know it sounds like all I do is shop and plan to shop, but this saving big bucks thing is soooo great! Ireally do a lot more than just shop, I promise!

Last weeks savings!

Okay so for my first trip on a 'Savings' trip I did okay, I think I got a little excited and got to much! But I spent $120 after coupons, and saved $98, AND got $12 back in Catalina's for my next purchase! So it wasn't bad! I saved a ton! I got 10 loafs of the nice $5 dollar bread for .63 cents each! Can't beat that! We shall see how I do today! My favorite sites to get updates on sales and find coupons are: The Thrifty Mom (see button on side bar), and Pinching your pennies (see link on side under More great sites!)

A Thrifty Mom

So a good friend told me about this lady who pays like $20 for $200 dollars of food. So I went to check it out! I have friends who do the same, and I have wondered how, now I know! Check out this site! (I have the button and a link in 'some great sites') I am going to try it! Wish me luck! I just printed a million coupons!

Crafts and Quilts

So I have been doing different crafts and lots of quilting, I thought I would share!

Pictures I made for the girls room.
My jean quilt is almost done! I have been putting it together for about 4 years! I just have to finish the edges!
More shots of my jean quilt! See the little pocket in the picture below, it is from Jake's pants when he was about 4, it is so small and cute!

A quilt I made for a wedding gift. (left)

Grandma Great helping! (The picture is blurry, my camera is funny sometimes, sorry)

Bekah helping me tie!
(Another quilt for a wedding gift)

My wonderful mother in law and Grandma Great getting ready to start tieing!

I am very lucky to have such wonderful family to help me with different projects, like sewing and quilting! I have learned so much from them. And we have so much fun together!

Girls Night Out

Gracie and I went out on a date, just the two of us, it was SO fun! We just went to the mall. We did a little shopping, talked, had Ice cream, had our pictures taken in one of those photo booths. It was great! We have decided that we are going to have a number of once a month traditions, among those are one on one time with each child with mom or dad. It was great! Gracie is growing up way to fast though!

I got it!

I received my Young Women's Medallion today! Since I did not grow up in the church I never had the opportunity to work on Personal Progress. When I was called to Young Women's in AK to be the Laurels adviser I decided that if I was going to help and encourage the girls to do it, and my daughters when they got older, then I needed to work on it as well. So I set out and was almost finished when we left AK. I continued and finished it last year. However I was sick and never got to get in for my interviews with the YW's President and Bishop until last month. And today I got to join the YW for a few minutes and received my medallion!

I have a strong testimony of the Personal Progress program as well as Young Women's. It has helped me become a better daughter of My heavenly Father and a better mother and wife. I truly love and miss all my Laurels! They are such an example to me. I hope that my girls continue to have such wonderful examples in their lives.


My cute niece Rozlynn

My cute niece Madlynn

Flower balls I have been making for my sister Onna's wedding!


I have still been making a ton of bows! This last week I got together with some friends from church and we had a bow making party! It was great!

Cute Bekah!

Hard at work!