Crafts and Quilts

So I have been doing different crafts and lots of quilting, I thought I would share!

Pictures I made for the girls room.
My jean quilt is almost done! I have been putting it together for about 4 years! I just have to finish the edges!
More shots of my jean quilt! See the little pocket in the picture below, it is from Jake's pants when he was about 4, it is so small and cute!

A quilt I made for a wedding gift. (left)

Grandma Great helping! (The picture is blurry, my camera is funny sometimes, sorry)

Bekah helping me tie!
(Another quilt for a wedding gift)

My wonderful mother in law and Grandma Great getting ready to start tieing!

I am very lucky to have such wonderful family to help me with different projects, like sewing and quilting! I have learned so much from them. And we have so much fun together!


Andrea said...

You've been busy! I am glad you are surrounded by such wonderful family.

ML said...

Such a crafty lady! I love the flower pictures. Those are great.

Taryn said...

busy, busy girl! I am impressed. i am just learning to quilt myself.