Birthday fun!

Okay, so I didn't take many pictures! I know!!! I got to go get my nails done, thanks to a great friend for watching my girls! Thanks Katie!!! I owe you!
I got to go to lunch with my '2nd' mom and all my 'sisters', it was great! I love being with them! Then I went and spent time with them at home. Then all the girls went to the mall to find a few last items for wedding fun!

I spent most of my birthday decorating a church for one of my sisters wedding! But I love doing that stuff so it was fun! Plus the whole family was their helping, it was a blast!

Then to the Rolfe's for more fun!!! I love them to death! Ma, Marie, got my favorite take out, ribs from Bubba's! It was great! Everyone was there, my mom and Keith even got to be there! I will get some pictures soon of that night! Ma took them! Thanks! It was a great night and I got some cute clothes! And shoes, and a purse, and jewelry! It was great! I love you guys! (And of course I had lots of help opening the presents from my girls!)

And then I got to finish embellishing Bekah's dance costume and the rest of her classes! And making bows to go with them! It was fun! They are having pictures in them next week!!! I will post as soon as I can!

So, I had a great birthday! Thanks everyone!


Becca said...

Hope it was a great great fun day for you!

Andrea said...

I am glad you were so well taken care of on your birthday!