I got it!

I received my Young Women's Medallion today! Since I did not grow up in the church I never had the opportunity to work on Personal Progress. When I was called to Young Women's in AK to be the Laurels adviser I decided that if I was going to help and encourage the girls to do it, and my daughters when they got older, then I needed to work on it as well. So I set out and was almost finished when we left AK. I continued and finished it last year. However I was sick and never got to get in for my interviews with the YW's President and Bishop until last month. And today I got to join the YW for a few minutes and received my medallion!

I have a strong testimony of the Personal Progress program as well as Young Women's. It has helped me become a better daughter of My heavenly Father and a better mother and wife. I truly love and miss all my Laurels! They are such an example to me. I hope that my girls continue to have such wonderful examples in their lives.


ML said...

Congradulations! Doing the YW program is such a personal growth activity. You learn so much about yourself and you learn new things too! Nice job!

Christine said...

CRIZIThat's awesome, Eleanor! Congrats! It really is alot of work to accomplish, especially with being a mom!

Danielle said...

Congrats! What a huge accomplishment and what a great example you are to your girls. You are awesome!