Rain Rain Go Away! Come Again Another Day!

When it rains it pours!!!

It didn't let up for a while!
Froggy Froggy Where are You!!!

Every time it rains, out come the Frogs!

Whats around the corner? Is there a camera freak?! HELP!!!

Love this one! I almost missed him hanging under the branch!

They love our windows for some reason!

Somehow this little guy got between the screen and the window in my kitchen!

He found his way out though!

As you can see we have a lot of Froggy friends! We also have a turtle, or so Dustin says, I have yet to see him! He says he crosses our backyard every morning, but it must be early! And we also have a snake;( I didn't enjoy finding him!!! I was walking around the back yard and thought I got tangled in a branch, it had stormed the night before, well I kind of hopped out and looked down as the snake went on his way! It was not pleasant, and I had the hebbie gebbies all day, and still do when I think about him on my feet! Bekah heard the story and wanted to go see him! She was excited, at least one of us was!!!


Jamie said...

How fun. Exciting to get to experience different places!

Danielle said...

Those frogs are too cute! How fun for your kids. A lot different than bears and moose in your yard :o)