Valentine Gifts

I was looking for a quick little gift I could make to give to some friends. I found this idea online, I think it was from Family Fun. Anywho, it is fabric fortune cookie, that you fill with s few candies. Here is the process!

First you cut out circles, about the size of a CD.(You can use any fabric, but to hold its shape you need something heavy like felt,which I didn't have!) Then you need a ribbon cut a little shorter than your circle diameter, also a piece of floral wire. You then glue,I used hot glue for speed, the wire into the middle of the circle, and put the ribbon over it to cover it. As shown above.
Then you simply fold the circle in half and gently bend the wire into a 'u' shape, so it looks like a fortune cookie.
Then carefully fill with candies
I made a cute little Happy Valentine's Day card and attached with more ribbon!
Fast, simple and cute!

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Amy said...

I loved my Valentine Fortune Cookie! (You're too creative!)