Tis the Season...

It is the time of year for Christmas parties! And a visit from Santa of course!
He arrived via motorcycle at Dustin's unit party, which was fun. 
They each had to sit on his lap to get their present!
 Cute Gracie!
 Sweet Bekah!
 Mr. 'I am to old for this' Jacob! (He was a good sport for his sisters!)
 Adorable Elizabeth Zoe!
And this is just a cute picture of two of my sweet girls! Bekah & Lizzie Zoe
You can kinda see Lizzie Zoe's eyes still look like they will be blue like daddy's!

More pictures of the season coming soon!

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Kayla said...

The pics of the kids with Santa are so cute! Grace's legs look like they're 10 feet long. Has she grown a lot since I saw her last?