Cleaning & Crafts

K- so I always see these cute pictures in magazines or online of houses all decorated cute for the holidays, and I always wish my house had those cute little touches, that when you put them all together, make it so cute and inviting. So after doing some searches on Google for something completely different, well for clock ideas, I guess not that different. Anyway, I have a BUNCH of pictures of way cute things, mainly signs, and wood things, that I can make for ALL the different holidays!!! So if I do these, and add them to what I have and maybe get a few things here and there, I think I can have that WAY cute house!!!

I also discovered that I have made a lot of things that I could put pictures of online for others to get ideas... We shall see if I ever do this, but I am excited about doing a bunch of craft projects, including all the million ones that are in my garage that I said if I didn't do before we moved again I would just get rid of... yeah that is in 6 months, and I am having a baby at the end of that time... So, anyone up for a major craft fest??? I think I will start going through the garage again on Monday, then start crafting by Friday!

Here is to getting organized and getting my craft on!!! Stay tuned for some finished projects...

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