Historical Fun!

On a nice day off e headed not to far away for some family fun! We went to see the historical side of our fine state. We had fun and are planning to go back since we didn't get to see everything before dark!

A beautiful light house we stopped at, we only got to see the outside as they were closed.
We also got to see some of a Naval Museum that was amazing!
Gracie in a Blue Angels cockpit

Jake showing how mean he is, like the old fighter plane

Bekah in an old cockpit

My wonderful family in a helicopter cockpit

Us on the draw bridge to an old Fort used in many battles, it is several hundred years old

Part of the fort.

Jake in a storage room, looks like jail though, and we thought about leaving him there! JK

Everyone minus me in a large storage room

Me and my cute kids outside the fort

Daddy and the kids
We had so much fun exploring the fort, museum and seeing the light house. We are hoping to go back soon so we can see more of them and the other 3 Forts we didn't have time to see!

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Emily said...

Awesome!! I'm pretty jealous of all the fun you're having! Way to go! I also love your goals on your side bar, I'm going to copy you and do the same! Thanks for posting all your fun adventures!