Still updating! April...

So if you have been following all my crazy posts, I got WAY behind and am trying to catch up! Why you may ask? Well, this is kinda my families journal/yearbook/scrapbook... so I can't just skip part of our year, or half of it! I am getting there so hang tight!!!


I don't have a lot of happenings for April as I have been sick with morning sickness and did as little as possible! And with school going normal, or as normal as can be, it wasn't an exciting month! 
So here is April!

 My little helper loes using her little broom to help me sweep! 
 I decided to get some pretty flowers, just cause...
(Lillies are my favorite! Any color!)
 We went out riding!!! 

 Everywhere we go in Colorado there seems to be a great view! 

 Cute Teeny might LOVES riding!!!

 My co-rider! 
 My bikers! 
We enjoy picnicking on the trailer before we go out again! 

And thus is April, told you it wasn't exciting! But hold on, May is coming next! LOL

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