Catching Up- January! (I know I am WAY behind!!!)

I am SO far behind! LOL And since this is our family 'journal' I have to get caught up and stay that way!!! So bear with me, there will be lots of posts and lots of pictures!!!


It warmed up enough for us to get to go to the park while Grace was at activity days! 

Some friends were also there

We also spent some family time exploring different places around!
We went to Paint Mines Park, where there are different color rock formations that the Indians used to paint themselves and there horses. It was really fun walking through, climbing and exploring!!!
(Grace wasn't feeling great so she stayed at home and missed all the fun.)

We started on the walk part of the park, and the girls enjoyed roaming the trail.
 Lizzie liked being tossed up by daddy! 

 Silly girl! 


 Bekah liked the purple rock we found! 
 Jake tested out the 'paint' like the Indians used! 

 Through a tunnel! 

 In a cave! 

 Jake and Dustin free climbed to the top of the rocks! 
The view from the top! 

We had a great time exploring some local treasures! 

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