Ice Baby, Ice!!!

(((Still catching up!!!)))

They had an amazing Ice Festival up at Cripple Creek while Marie & Kent were here so we went and had some fun! It was really cool and we will do it again! We ended up there at night, which was perfect cause they light up everything and it is even cooler! 

 Grace going down the ice slide! 
 Playing in the ice house! 

 Everything is hand carved out of giant ice blocks! It really was amazing the details they put into some of them! 

 The ice thrown 

 From Hunger Games! 

 My studly Zeus!
 Jake in the chariot! 
 My cute Hera! 

 They close off main street and it is lined with ice sculptures on one side and music and food on the other! 
 Bekah going down the slide! 
 Jake's turn! 
 In the ice house

 My family at 'Ice' Olympias 
 Me as Hera

It was really fun to see and we will be going back next year! This years theme was 'mystical', can't wait to see what they do next year! So come on down in February if you want to see it!!!

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