Some thoughts!

Okay, so my first thought is that if you have an office with glass walls, you shouldn't pick your nose! Yes, as I was leaving the bank I saw movement to my side and looked up to see a guy at his desk picking his nose! Not cute!

My second thought is thank goodness for sunscreen and hairspray! Today as I was cleaning out our truck my sweet little Bekah found a permanent blue marker! And you guessed it, she drew on the seat, the ceiling, anything she could reach! So after panicking, I googled 'removing permanent marker from leather', and found that spray sunscreen will remove it, and behold it worked! (after scrubbing for an hour!) So then I decided to look up 'removing p. marker from cloth', and found that hairspray works, so I tried it and most of it came off! (again after about an hour of scrubbing with a Q tip) It also said that toothpaste gets it off, or a combo of the two. So I hope it worked! About 95% has come off.

And those are my thoughts for the day!

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ML said...

I'm so amazed you were able to get that stuff off the seats. Thank goodness for the Internet, hair spray, toothpaste and other strange cleaners!