We're Back!!!

Okay. so we just got home from a trip to Oregon to see family and see the wonderful Oregon Coast! We had a great time!We got to see our cousins who I have not seen for at least 13 years! And they have never met my kids! So it was great to see them and spend time with them. They were so wonderful to put us up at their house and show us the land! We then traveled to Northern CA to see the Redwoods, wow! They are huge amazing trees. The pictures didn't turn out to be the best because of the lighting in the grove. But you get the main idea. And then up to the Oregon Coast! We saw lighthouses, amazing views and had fun looking for sea shells on the beach. We also stopped at Sea Lion Caves. It was so neat to see all the Sea Lions out on the rocks at the base of the mountain, and in the cave. We saw some amazing scenery! It was a great trip! My mom and sister and niece got to join us so it was even better!Check out the slide show, there are tons of pictures! (And I didn't even put them all on!) And our summer fun isn't over yet! So stay tuned!

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Jennifer said...

sounds like you had fun. one thing that i noticed about being down in idaho is that the trees seem lots bigger. up here we dont have lots of fat trees like you do down there. I miss them. but from your pictures, i would like those redwoods lots too!