School's OUT!!!

Yeah! We are all done with school for the summer! And fun we have been having! First off, we were all sick! Yeah, not! We are better now, after two weeks! The weather finally got nice so we got to plant our flowers, the ones who didn't die from frostbite! Some of our friends from Alaska, the Bundy's are in town and we got to get together with them and the Evan's and play! We had lunch at Leo's, a great family place, they have every kind of food, a huge play center with a climb, jump, slide thing, and arcades with Laser tag. We ate and played in the play center, more than enough fun for us! We also got to hang out and have dinner and watch a movie and the kids played the night away! It was so fun, the kids were great friends again after a year of not seeing each other! We should all learn from them! And I had such a great time that I want to move back to Alaska! I have really missed all my great friends up north! If any more of you are coming to town, let me know! And the fun isn't over yet! We get to get together one more time before they leave for home! Yeah!!! We also talked my wonderful brother and sister in law to help put up our new trampoline! We had fun! And the kids are really enjoying it! I have a safety enclosure, but it got to dark to put it up, so it will be up soon. So the summer is off to great fun! The kids and I thought it would be fun to learn about some fun science things this summer, so we are going to be learning about volcanoes first! We are going to learn how they work, why and make a model that erupts! And then we are going out to Craters of the Moon, a local park that is a volcano rock field, tubes, caves and all kinds of things from a volcano that went off forever ago here in Idaho! So it will be fun. Look for pictures from our science fun soon! (That is only the first science project!) SEE the pictures from some of our fun in May 2008 to the left side!

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Jennifer said...

It was so fun to see you and let the kids play! And yes it is nice when we can get together after a year (although it does'nt seem like it has been that long to me!) and visit like it was just yesterday!