Going Digital!

Okay so we all have noticed that everything has gone digital, right? Well I was great with the camera going digital, I mean who doesn't want to be able to view their pictures right away, put them on the computer the easy way to email... Well, I have been having a lot harder time with going digital when it comes to scrap booking! It just never seemed that fun! Well, I have seen the error of my ways! Oh I still love the 'old ways' for some scrap booking, but I have found a great way to make awesome books, cards, posters, and even make a 12 x12 page to add to my good 'old' scrapbooks! After searching and playing with different programs and web sites, I have found that I really like! They have tons of cute things to put with your photos, and the price is about the same as buying a book, paper, add ons, and printing the million pictures for the book! (I have about 5 years worth of pictures just waiting for something to happen to them!) And some I will still print and scrapbook the 'old' way, but I am having fun going digital!

Summer trips

If any of you are coming my way in your summer travels, let me know! I would love to play! And I will let you all know the same! Keep looking for more summer fun photos! We have lots planned!!!


ML said...

I'm so glad you are still scrapbooking. I've heard a lot about the digital scrapbooking, but I've never done it. Please share a page with us sometime!

Jennifer said...

I have dabbled a little in digital scrapping, but i really like the hands on of traditional. One day I might do more digital, but who knows. I do have a printer that will print out 12x12, so i could do it!

Dawn Dart said...

I use to sell heritagemakers. It's more fun just being a customer though. Shutterfly is a fun website too. I did a really cute first year book for Denali. I now like to make cards. They are quicker than a scrapbook page!