Summer Fun!

Well we have been busy! I have been trying to to lots with the kids so they would stay happy and worn out! So we went for a hike the other day. Not a long one, but it was still fun. We took a picnic and played it the creek, and toke lots of pictures! We had a great time. And my niece Sara is staying with us so that was fun to have her with us. Then today we went to the zoo! Which all the kids loved! Bekah loves animals so it was really fun to watch her get excited every time we say something new! It was her first time at the zoo, so it was really fun! Then we hurried home to see some wonderful friends from Alaska who were driving thru town! The Jean's! It was so great to see them! The kids are so big! And I have missed my wonderful friend Bekki! I am so glad they got to stop and see us, even only for a short visit! So look at our new slide show full of fun pictures from the hike, zoo, and Jean's visit! And there is more fun to come!

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Dawn Dart said...

You are such a fun Mom!