Summer has Arrived, Finally!!!

Well, it's true, summer is finally here, we think. This is Idaho so it could snow tomorrow, but I think we are safe. It has been really nice, in the 80's, with a breeze. Last Friday I did an activity at Jake's school and it was the first nice day, and I of course got sun burnt, more like crisp. But it was a fun day.

Jacob can't wait to get out of school for summer! He is very excited. I think all of us are a little tried of early rising and school stuff, we all need a break. Gracie was so excited about planting flowers, well we bought some and as we were checking out it started snowing! So we came home, and waited, it got nice for a few days, then it snowed! And repeated itself for a few weeks, needless to say she was very disappointed. We did plant them finally today! She was very happy. We also just got a trampoline! The kids are very excited about that.

I helped the Willis family move last week. It was fun to be able to see them and help. They are all growing fast! Well, the kids are. They are such a great family, I just love them. We have lots of friends coming thru town this summer, and we are even going on a trip with my family to see some cousins, so it will be a great summer. And best of all, Dustin gets to visit for R & R this summer!!!! He gets to be at his sisters wedding! We are all very excited about it!

You are all always welcome to visit us anytime! We love visitors!


Odd & Evans said...

Wow, you sound so busy. I love Idaho, but I too got burnt the first day outside! I hope we'll be able to see ya soon.

ML said...

Ahh.. summers in Idaho, beautiful sunny days and summer snow days. You guys sound busy. I hope your summer is nice and relaxing.