Still going strong!

Well things are still busy! Both Jake & Grace just signed up for soccer so that will be fun. Bekah is trying so hard to be a big girl! She thinks she has to do everything big brother and sister do, sometimes it drives me crazy! Grace is very excited about kindergarten next year, that is all I hear about! Jake is ready for summer break!

I was asked to do a short lesson on dating ideas for our last enrichment night, which I thought was funny since I currently don't have a husband around to date, but thought what the hay! It was a fun night. There are so many new faces in our ward that I feel I don't know anyone! But I am lucky to have family near to help with the kids! They really love going to Grandma & Papa's, and of course Grandma Great's! Bekah is a really Gradma's girl! We get to do a big wedding this summer, so that will be fun. Dustin's only sister is getting married! We hope he can get leave around then to be here for her wedding. We'll see! Ya just feel old when younger siblings get married!

Well not a lot new happening! I hope everyone is doing great! I get to go to Boise and Provo in a few weeks, that will be fun.


Dawn Dart said...

Let us know when you are coming down to Provo, we would love to see you!

ML said...

So fun to see your blog. The kids are growing so much and are so very cute. See you around blog world.

Bekki said...

We finally know when we are comming through. We leave AK on June 11, so we should be to ID around June 15-16, something like that. If you will be around, we will stop in and see you guys.

Jennifer said...

Okay, we are heading down your way too! We will be in Idaho the end of May and early June. We'll have to see if we can cross paths while we are there!