Hello All!!!

Hey everyone! I decided that it was about time I set up something so you could keep up with us! Since we are always on the go, we are the Roaming Rolfe's! We are all doing good. Dustin is in Iraq, having fun, or something like that. No, he enjoys the work, just misses us. I am staying busy with college, PTO at Jacob's school, and Gracie's preschool! And we can't forget our little Rebekah! We got to go see Dustin a few times while he was in Tacoma. We also got to see the Walkers! And on trips to Boise to see family we have got to see the Willis family and the Johnston family! Both with growing kids! We love being able to drive for a while and see family and friends, quit different from being in Hawaii & Alaska!

Jacob is doing good in school. He has missed his Alaska friends a lot and sometimes wishes we were still there. He has been doing football, wrestling, and is going to try soccer this summer! He still loves to run and is very active!

Gracie is loving preschool, only it isn't enough days for her. She is a social little bug! She is dying to dance some more, but we have been to busy! So hopefully she can start soon. And she is SO excited for kindergarten! We went and registered and now all she wants to do is go get a 'big' backpack for school.

Bekah is growing way to fast for me! She is running everywhere, trying to talk like crazy, she says something new everyday! Not to mention the attitude, or as her Great Grandma Rolfe says, 'she has personality bursting from her toes there is so much!'

We are all doing good and enjoying being near family. The kids love to sleep over at Grama and Papa's, and Grama is Bekah's favorite person! This summer looks to be full of fun! We have two family reunions, a wedding, a baby(not the same people as the wedding!), we planning some fun trips, and we even get to hopefully see some Alaska friends as they make their way past us! The Jean's will be driving our way in their big move this June, and the Walkers may be driving past to see family before their move back to Alaska! If anyone else is coming our way let me know so we can get together! We have really been missing our wonderful Alaska friends!

Well, that is it for now! I will try to keep everything updated at least monthly! And I will update pictures often so visit often!

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Jennifer said...

So fun to see you blogging! I have bookmarked you and will check back often. So fun that even though you have moved we can still keep in touch. Life is going good, but I am ready to get back to working out, too bad my workout buddy is gone!