Found pictures!

So... as promised here are some pictures I found, including a 'belly' shot. 

This is a shot of me at 15 weeks. I have gotten a little, or a lot, bigger since.
I know, another belly shot will come soon.
 We like to go get ice cream after a day out together!

This is me, on the left and a few great friends after a game of Laser Tag! 
Which I must say, I rule at!!! I got over 6400, more than 800 more points than anyone else!!!
(Me, Dana, Bethany, Angie, and April)

I know, I don't post for a long time, than I post twice in one day! Sorry! 
But be sure to see the previous post as it is also new!

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Kayla said...

I love all the new pics. I can't believe how big Bekah is getting! She seriously doesn't even look like the same girl I saw last. So sad how fast they grow.